Our local church ministries are the ways in which we help both the members of our congregation and those in the community around us. Whether it be helping the needy, instructing children in righteousness, or providing discipleship, all is done for the sake of the “glorious gospel of Christ” (II Corinthians 4:4).


We offer Sunday School classes for every age group.


We realize that not everyone has the transportation available to come to our church. As a means of ministering to those who desire to come, we have a bus route which picks up anyone who wishes to visit! We currently have routes in Tallahassee and Woodville. Please call the church if you need a ride @ 850-222-2232


We believe that children need to begin learning about God at an early age, which is why we have a Wednesday kids program. Every Wednesday evening we have our Patch the Pirate kids clubs. One group (Pee-Wees) is for ages 3-7, while the older group is for grades 2nd-6th. They do activities, contests, learn memory verses, daily devotions in Patch books, wear uniforms, and have story-time. Best of all, they have a performance nearly every month with their song, verses, skit, receive awards, and get to shop in the Patch store with "money" they've earned throughout the month. It's a blast! One extra benefit is that it is at no cost to those who participate! Our Patch Club runs only through the school year.


The student ministry's focus is to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while at the same time challenging the saved to fervently obey God's will. Many opportunities are provided to fulfill this purpose.

The Sunday School class includes 7th to 12th grade students. It is a time which utilizes the teaching of God's Word in a manner which is easily understood and workable.


Our ministry exists to meet the needs of our students and singles who usually get forgotten within the church after they graduate from high school.  This is a group that continues to want the fellowship of other believers on their journey towards adulthood. Perhaps the greatest desire of our hearts is to help them strengthen their faith and then defend it - sometimes in a hostile environment of secular college that seeks to destroy their foundation. Apologetics is a core teaching within our ministry so that they may share their faith with confidence knowing they have a reasonable faith, not a blind faith. 


Wherever you find yourself in life, whether it’s just you, you and the spouse, or you and your family, you want to grow in the Lord ... because you are hungering for more. More of God. It’s your desire to know Him better, to have that deep and abiding relationship that you’ve heard others speak about.

Every Sunday during our Adult Bible Studies here at Gospel Light, you can come, learn and grow with other single adults and married couples who have the same desire you do - to live out the purposes of God in their lives every day!

Our Adult Bible Studies are set up to create a group for you that you can feel comfortable in. Besides being a place to learn and study God’s Word it's also a place where you have friends you can share your burdens with, and also support them during their hard times. It's also just a really great place to get together with really genuine people. 




By praying and providing financial support for missionaries both at home and around the globe, our aim is to fulfill the Great Commission given to us by Christ to "preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).