Below is a list of sermons preached at Gospel Light Baptist Church. We pray that they will be an encouragement to you.

Bro. Eric G. - pm12/29/2019
Praise and Worship

Bro. Matt Phillips12/29/2019
A 20/20 Vision of God

Pastor Clark - Wed.12/25/2019
Three Gifts for the King

Pastor Clark - am12/22/2019
The Whole Story of Christmas

Pastor Clark - Wed.12/18/2019
What Happened to Worship?

Pastor Clark - pm12/15/2019
The Forgotten Lady in the Christmas Story

Pastor Clark - am12/15/2019
Use Caution at Christmas

Pastor Clark - Wed.12/11/2019
The Lost Sons

Pastor Clark - pm12/8/2019
What To Do When Others Don't Help

Pastor Clark - am12/8/2019
Why No Peace