Below is a list of sermons preached at Gospel Light Baptist Church. We pray that they will be an encouragement to you.

Bro. Wall - Wed.5/8/2019
It's Time to Throw Jonah Overboard

Pastor Clark - pm5/5/2019
Bro. Burgess - Spiritual Reproduction

Pastor Clark - am5/5/2019
Jesus Is Greater Than Solomon

Pastor Clark - Wed.5/1/2019
Hope For Israel

Pastor Clark - am4/28/2019
What Will It Take?

Pastor Clark - Wed.4/24/2019
Book of Micah - The Warning of Judgment

Pastor Clark - pm4/21/2019
Why Sit We Here Till We Die?

Pastor Clark - am4/21/2019
The Resurrection

Pastor Clark - Wed.4/17/2019
Book of Obadiah - Judgment Against Edom

Pastor Clark - pm4/14/2019
Guidelines for Maturity