We had a great college year for CFC! If you are an incoming Freshman or haven't been able to make it to any meetings this past year, we hope you will join us in the Fall semester.
Our college ministry has a strong conviction about students connecting with a local church family that can encourage them through their stay in Tallahassee attending college. Case in point, make sure you visit Gospel Light Baptist Church to fulfill our purpose and help you fulfill yours for glory of God. 
We have reserved our meeting room for the Fall semester in the Student Services Building, room 208 starting at 8:00pm. every Tuesday night. Our first meeting will be September 10th. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! 
There will be food, fellowship, prayer, and of course, Bible study
Come on out to find out more about CFC and get plugged in!
Be sure to look us up and join our CFC group on Nole Central!

If you are a new student or a returning student, please be our guest. We have monthly events, weekly Bible study group, and fellowships. If you have any questions, please let us know!



Collegians for Christ student ministry is just that - a ministry. A ministry that serves others and doesn't exist just to have another "program." It seeks to meet the needs of single young adults out of high school launching into the next phase of life, whether you are a college student or just working day to day.

Young adults have many questions that need to be answered. Such questions as:

- Is there a God?

- If so, where is He and what is He up to?

- Why do I exist?

- Does my life have any real significance?

- Am I unique?

- Do I have any real value?

- Why is life so unfair?

- And why do bad things happen to me?

- Why do I feel so alone?

- And why don't I have any real friends?

- Is there life after death?

- What about my future, and where will I go when I die?

These are just a few questions that young adults are plagued with on a daily basis. These might be called "The greatest questions of life." Most of the human race are card-carrying members of the "Search for the Meaning of Life Club." Pondering the questions of the human dilemma and struggling for the right answers in a world that seems bent on hiding the truth about the here, the now, and the hereafter seem common to us all.

We pray that if you are visiting this page for the first time, you will consider being

our guest as soon as possible. We are all trying to find the answers to the questions

above, and we believe the answers are given to us by God in His Word.

The Bible IS relevant to us today.


If you are looking for a local church to attend while at any of our colleges/universities, join us at Gospel Light Baptist Church - 3415 Apalachee Parkway


Sunday - 10:00am (Class)

Sunday - 11:00am (Worship Service)

Sunday - 6:00pm (Worship Service)

Wednesday - 7:00pm (Bible Study/Prayer)

Transportation to and from church is available,

Email bro. Matt: cfcnoles@gmail.com